The ICARUS blue R-Series for the first time includes a specially designed and developed Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter called TM600. Its four function keys as well as the two selection keys enable the user to control several receivers and up to 12 functions.

Key features

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • bidirectional communication
  • Ergonomic, compact and robust design
  • Long battery life (1350mAh)
  • Optical feedback via 4 multicoloured LEDs
  • convenient charging thanks to USB-C charging port
  • ultra fast response time (approx. 50ms)
  • approx. 100m operating range
  • belt-clip and alternative cover-plate for backside included

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      R820R420BASICTM600TM600 Holder

      Product options


      Delivery according to standard product specifications.

      You can choose between different standard configurations. But no matter which of the available standard configurations you choose – You can always change the following settings yourself via the corresponding smartphone app:

      • Assign several outputs to one button
      • Change output settings (time functions)
      • Deactivate keys / Hide buttons
      • Prevent simultaneous operation of buttons (interlock)
      • Change button behaviour
      • Protect settings from unauthorized access (password protection)

      Note: Inputs can only be configured / used when you choose the “Individual” option.


      Delivery according to standard product specifications or individual customizations, such as an individual operating foil.

      Delivery with a configuration defined by you / tailored to your application. Here is a small excerpt of the extended range of functions:

      • Linking input signals with functions
      • Disable control via app or handheld transmitter
      • Disable the configuration options for the user
      • BrandID (enable control only with devices purchased from you)
      • Change the functions of the TM600 selection keys
      • Switch between two receivers
      • Adjust colors and functions of the (selection) LEDs
      • And many more

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