ICARUS blue Basic allows you to control a wide variety of hydraulic applications, electric motors, lighting and much more, uncomplicated and individually with your smartphone or tablet. Due to the compact and sturdy design, the innumerable and universal application possibilities as well as a low purchase price, there is almost no limit to your ideas.

Key features

  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • bidirectional communication
  • approx. 30m operating range
  • 4 digital outputs
  • 9 – 36 Vdc supply voltage
  • 0,5m connection cable
  • IP66 protection class
  • up to 24 receivers / smartphones
  • Configuration via: Smartphone app (Basic) or individual pre-configuration
  • Control via: Smartphone and smartwatch app (Basic)

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      Product options


      Delivery according to standard product specifications.

      Delivery with standard configuration. You can change the following settings yourself via the corresponding smartphone app:

      • Assign several outputs to one button
      • Hide buttons / Change button icons
      • Prevent simultaneous operation of buttons (interlock)
      • Change the behaviour of the buttons (push buttons, switches, time functions)
      • Configure battery monitoring and over-/undervoltage protection functions
      • Protect settings from unauthorized access (password protection)


      Delivery according to standard product specifications or individual customizations, such as individual wire harnesses.

      Delivery with a configuration defined by you / tailored to your application. Here is a small excerpt of the extended range of functions:

      • Branded App (Restrict the controls so that only ICARUS blue Basic receivers purchased from you will work with your branded app.)
      • Pre-defined button-layout and output functions

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