The future is now

The new ICARUS blue radio remote control series with the latest Bluetooth® 5.0 technology is finally here and it now offers you even more possibilities and various improved features. The perfect solution for your application!

Bluetooth 5.0
Bidirectional communication
Individually programmable
High IP protection class
Range of more than 100m

New smartphone app

Improved functions, a new design and of course still completely free of charge – see for yourself the completely revised smartphone app for all R-series receivers and control your applications now even more easily and individually.

You’ll be amazed at how intuitive some functions have become and for example how quickly you can switch between smartphone and TM600 operation, or even between several receivers. 

Why Bluetooth?

Control versatility
No matter whether you want to control your application in the classic way using a handheld transmitter, conveniently and individually using a smartphone or via the smartwatch on your wrist – all this is possible thanks to the Bluetooth standard!

Interference resistance
Bluetooth works with a so-called “adaptive frequency hopping” method. This not only prevents interference with each other or other devices, but also ensures a secure and stable connection.

Built-in wireless bidirectional communication
Unlike conventional radio remote control systems, ICARUS blue always is equipped with bidirectional communication. This means that not only commands and information can be sent but also received. And all this without the complicated and costly process of wiring.

Different applications, different requirements!

From standard configuration to complex process chains – ICARUS blue offers the right solution for countless applications.

As a system supplier with many years of experience and a wide variety of products, we can also help you to integrate ICARUS blue perfectly into your existing system through individual adaptations (e.g. cable harnesses, sensors, etc.).

Do you have questions?

Feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

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